Thursday, September 22, 2011

You Are Being Followed

The drive was about fifteen minutes.  Down the busy main street, through the winding hills, past the sheep farm, and up the giant hill.  Once I made it into the neighborhood, it was the first street on the right past the playground.  It was dark and rainy so I slowly crept up towards the house.  It was around midnight so I coasted past her house in stealth mode.  As I drove by, I looked in to see a light brown mutt barking in the window like it had recognized me.  Once I parked the car down the street, I got out and opended up the trunk.  Sitting there, shining in the moonlight, was my smaurai sword.  Towards the head of the blade was a black smudge looking like an autograph and at the tip, a blood stain.  I grabbed the sword and started walking towards the house.  When I arrived near the house, the mutt started to bark at me again.  I immediatly hid behind the dark blue Volkswagen parked in the driveway next to the Suburban.  Once the dog had stopped barking, I continued towards the side of the house.  I went around the back and peered in the window to see a short bald man sitting on the couch.  He was drinking a can of natural light beer while watching football.  I tried to get by so he wouldn't see me to make it to the side basement window.  I had finally reached the window and I started to get nervous.  I looked in to see nobody was in the room.  I busted the window and shimmied down the wall.  I got up and was ingulfed in the distinct smell of popcorn.  Since nobody was in the room, I decided to mess stuff up.  I took my samurai sword to the green wrap around couch and the large tv mounted on the wall.  The bright yellow walls added to my anger.  The room looked like a bunch of little girls live there.  Then I killed Megan.

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