Monday, December 12, 2011

I Want A Wife

1. Does this essay have an explicitly stated thesis? If so, what is it? If you believe the thesis is implied, paraphrase it in your own words.   She would like to have a wife that would do all of the things at home so she could go back to school and be more financially independent.

2. Throughout the essay, Brady repeats the words “I want a wife.” What is the effect of this repetition? It adds to the fact that she would want the perfect wife.

3. Brady never uses the personal pronouns he or she to refer to the wife she defines. Why not?  Because she uses the word wife to define who she is referring to to add character to her story
4. Do you think Brady really wants the kind of wife she describes—does this ideal spouse
actually exist? Explain why you think Brady wrote this essay.   I think Brady doesn't really want a wife but she thinks it would be nice to have a person to take the load off of her life so she could focus on going to school and getting a better job.  I think this ideal spouse does exist.  Some people like to do these kinds of things for their husband so I believe this type of person does exist.  I think she wrote this essay because this wife is exactly what any man would want to have as their spouse and she thinks that this type of women does not exist by using sarcasm.

5. How does Brady define what it means to be a “wife”? How does she organize the many services a wife provides her husband and family? What do you think of Brady’s characterization of a wife and her responsibilities? How do you think she wants her readers to respond to this characterization? Why?  She defines it by telling about what a wife is in her story.  She organizes the different services a wife provides into different categories such as cooking, cleaning, taking care of the children, and sex.  I think Brady's characterization of a wife is a accurate interpretation of what the perfect wife should be.  I think that her wife that she creates is the type of wife every man would want.  I think she wants her readers to realize that there is no woman that is perfect and that they should not try to be the perfect person and just be themselves.

6. Write a letter to Brady responding to “I Want a Wife.” Let her know what you admire or don’t admire about the essay and the extent to which you consider it effective and/or persuasive.

Dear Brady,
                     I think your story "I Want a Wife" is a great characterization of what the ideal wife is like.  I think you use lots of detail in what a wife should do for their husband and their kids.  I like how you go through every aspect of life and show what the ideal wife shoulud do for their family.  I think this method is very effective in persuading the reader into thinking they want a wife like that too.  Although, women believe that there is no woman that could do all of these things described in your story.


7. Write your own piece entitled “I Want a/an X.” You can use Brady’s essay as a model, and in the process, imitate some of her stylistic techniques. Or, alternatively, write an essay about the role of a “wife” in the early twenty-first century, explaining how a wife’s responsibilities complement and are complemented by those of a spouse.

In the early 20th century there was a strict interperestation of what a wife should be like.  The normal wife stayed at home while her husband worked all day.  She cooked, she cleaned, and she was the primary care for the kids in the family.  She basically ran the household while the man made the money.  This is how it was for many years until the womens rights movement.  After the movement, women started holding jobs and contributed more to the family financially.

Monday, November 28, 2011

Thanksgiving Break

This thanksgiving break was the last one where I would not have to come home from school.  The last time I will not be away at college.  I tried to make the best of this last break but it did not start off well.  I started my last break off being sick.  My throat felt like I was swollowing nails and I could not breathe through my nose.  I felt terrible.  I decided to not come to school on our last day before break because I was not feeling good.  I wanted to stay home and sleep so I was not sick for the feast.  All I did was eat oranges and sleep while I was at home.  I tried to get the most  vitamin C in me so that I could feel better.  Wednesday came and I started to feel a little better.  I took it easy the whole day and then the day came.  I woke up on thursday morning to the smell of mashed potatoes and gravy.  I then was amazed that I could smell.  My family usually has a thanksgiving lunch so by the time I woke up it was already time to eat.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Fairy Tale

How does this clip deviate (depart) fromt eh formula of a typical fairy tale?
There is no typial male hero and the woman who is being saved basically saves herself.

Princess Fiona fought off an entire group of grown men by herself.

The princess being in the woods is out of place with an ogre and donkey.

Fiona did the saving.

Fiona showed the matrix in the fight scence.

Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Exercises From Reading

The term "wetback" has been refered to people of hispanic descent for many years.  They see them as a "wetback" because they are put in hard labor jobs when they come to the United States.  Most of the people come from the border of Texas, Arizona, New Mexico, and Mexico.  This word has created a prejucdice towards Hisipanic people.  Some may think that they all are in the United States illegally and taking jobs from Americans.  However, many of them are American citizen and have earned their jobs fairly.  Most Hispanics have come to our country to get a better life for their families.  Since the Hispanics are willing to settle for any pay I think this helps businesses thrive.

In the Introduction to "They Say/I Say": The Mooves That Matter in Academic Writing, Gerald Graff and Cathy Birkenstein provide templates designed to help ensure that the reader undrestands and can recreate a writing piece that is academically "correct".  Specifically, Graff and Birkenstein argue that the types of writing templates they offer.  As the authors put it. Although some people believe, Graff and Birkenstein insist that. In sum, then, their view is that.  I agree. In my view, the types of templates that the authors recommend. For instance.  In addition,. Some might object, of course, on the grounds that.  Yet I would argue that. Overall, then, I believe and important point to make given.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

I believe in laughter

This article is a great way to deal with embarassment.  In high school there are lots of embarassing things that happen or events that make you angry or sad.  The best way to deal with the events is to just laugh.  There is no reason to dwell on the past but be comfortable with who you are and laugh it off.  I liked this article because Kelly seems like a happy person who enjoys her klutzy life.

A Dog’s Life

I liked this article because I have a similar story.  When I was around seven years old, I convinced my parents to get a dog.  I have been taking care of him and loved him for the past ten years.  He has taught me responsibility just as the author and his dog.  Even though he does not do much when I am gone, I know he is happy.

I didn’t wash my car last month

This story is a good way to think about life.  I do not like to do things that waste my time and that I will regret doing in the future.  There are many things in life that we do not like to do but we have to do such as paying bills and earning money at work.  The writer talks about his rocking chair test and I think that is a good way to think about what you want to do.