Monday, August 29, 2011

Hellen Keller

After reading Hellen Keller's narrative, I have more respect for what she had accomplished throughout her life.  I did not know much about Hellen Keller except she was blind and deaf for almost her entire life.  I did not know how she learned words and letter without being able to see or hear.  I think it is fascinating how she would work with her teacher to learn our language.  Even when she got frustrated, she would still work until it finally clicked and she started to make progress.  Hellen Keller didnt just deal with her disability, she embraced it and didnt keep her from learning.

Where I'm From

I am from cuts and bruises
from splints and bandages
I am from the white walls of doctors offices
the cold chill of the overused air conditioning
I am from glass bones and ligaments as strong as rubber bands
from the hard work of rehabilitation

I am from a family of variety
from east coast to west
I am from soldiers to doctors
from brilliance to stupidity
I am from playing marines with grandpa
from the frosty blizzards of New Jersey.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Types of Arguments

Last year I wrote a research paper about why it is not okay to give high school kids improper benefits in order to get them to play sports at their school.  A student athlete should be able to make their own decision based on what they like in the school.  Their decision shouldnt be influenced on how many gifts they receive or how much money they get.  Getting paid is for the pros, not high school and college.

I recently brought up with my parents that I should have more freedom now that I am a senior.  I gave good arguments in order to convince them such as, I get good grades, I am applying to good colleges, and I have a job.  These were all very valid points that they took into consideration.

In a recent debate case I watched in law class, they were discussing whether it was morally right to allow abortions.  There were multiple arguments that were in favor of both sides.  This made it for a tough case to decide because as it went on they would discuss and explore new arguments to bring up.

Now that I am a senior in high school I have had to make some decsions that will effect my life.  I have had to decide what classes to take, what colleges to apply to, and what career I want to try to pursue.  I have to weigh the pros and cons of each decision because they all have a big impact on my life.

People all over the world make decisions about how they meditate and pray.  People also try to sway your opinion on how you meditate and pray.  I have always done what my parents have done but others choose to do differently than what their family does.