Tuesday, September 20, 2011


Late Sunday evening, I arrived home from work.  Exhausted from the long day, I went inside and poured myself a big glass of ice cold water.  I was so thristy I could not even wait for the long seconds for the glass to fill up.  Once it was full I slammed the water off and drank the liquid as fast as I could.  The cold, intense sensation chilled my entire mouth and down through my body.  I felt a feeling of comfort as the cool water ran down my into my stomach.  The entire glass was gone before I knew it but I was still thirsty.  My instincts were to drink more water so I filled the glass up again and immediatly drank the glass dry. I began to regret my last decision.  I started to feel sick.  My stomach felt like it was being stretched.  I went to lie down on the couch to try to remedy the pain.  My stomach started to make funny noises then all of the sudden the couch vibrated.  I instantly felt better and I soon realized, it was only a fart.


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  2. I felt like I was drinking the water it was that discriptive.